NEWBORN (4-14 days old)
Those first few days of life… phew! Your baby is experiencing the world around him or her for the first time ever... And this is remarkably beautiful. The precious little fingers and toes, the peaceful sleep of a newborn or the loving parents admiring their beautifully new and exquisite bundle of joy – it is all memorable.

Newborn sessions take place in the comfort of your own home to ensure a peaceful and relaxed environment for you and your new baby. Generally, newborn sessions are scheduled 5-14 days after birth so it is best to contact me during your pregnancy. This window of time is suggested as newborns tend to sleep more soundly and are more “formable” without disturbing the baby in these first few wonderful days of life. However, please do not hesitate to contact me if you already have had your baby. I believe whether the session takes place 1, 2 or 10 weeks after birth, the beauty, love and joy will always be present and captured in your photographs.

Newborn sessions generally take between 2-4 hours and are calm and relaxed. All sessions provide enough time to soothe, feed or change your newborn. While your newborn will be the star of the show, I graciously welcome you, any additional family members or pets to join the session as well! Simply let me know during our preliminary conversations and I will happily accommodate for your desired shots. 

Newborn sessions take 1 of 3 approaches depending on your desires...

1) In-home "Studio" approach:  In addition to capturing all of the 'little' parts (those tiny toes, fingers, and newborn features), I will spend the majority of our session working with a portable studio equip with blankets and minimal props to capture your little one utilizing wraps, scarves, knit hats/headbands/bows. After gathering a wide array of different styles, angles and color combinations with the portable studio I will then ensure time at the end for mom, dad and sibling shots.  While I bring along a wide variety of items for the session, I always welcome parents to bring out sentimental items or additional wraps and props. The more the merrier!  

2) The lifestyle approach: Capturing your little one in the home environment, the lifestyle approach is designed to work around the nursery, living areas and natural habitat of your home. Taking a more candid and photojournalistic style, the lifestyle approach focuses on capturing parents doing what parents do. From changing, feeding, burping, calming and snuggling your new baby, this approach is natural and less posed. 

3) The Combo: For the combo approach, well, you guessed it! Splitting the session up into two blocks, the combo approach focuses on both the posed and real. As the studio approach often entails chunks of time to soothe and calm your little one into a deep slumber, I suggest that your newborn is under 10 days old to ensure both styles are covered. 

BABY (<2 years old)
From the giggling faces to the cubby arms to the curious and quirky expressions, your child’s first years are one to remember.

Infant sessions take place either at home or at a mutually agreed upon location. Whether our session is held in a nearby park, playground, your own backyard, or inside the home, the session will be relaxed, enjoyable and most likely, entertaining! As all tots are in different stages of development, all sessions will be different and catered to your individual child. Whether he/she is sitting, standing, scooting, walking, talking or still on his back or tummy, your baby will be the star and the photos will be true to character. 

If you have ever attempted in getting your rambunctious 3 year old to sit still and smile for the camera and somehow avoided the forced and strained smile, I applaud you. 

My years of childcare work experience have taught me that it is nearly impossible to produce anything real without getting real - and with little kids this entails getting active and playful! I know how difficult it can be to get a little one to cooperate exactly as you would please (if not impossible!) so sessions take a playful approach to ensure authentic and individualized portraits. 

Children portrait sessions are fun and natural and take place at a mutually agreed upon outdoor location (park, beach, playground)! In my work, I capture the real. A quirky expression, a burst of laughter or even a grumpy stare – what makes your child a unique and special individual will often be captured in those candid moments. So relax and hang out while we enjoy some lovely time outdoors! 

There is no family quite like your family. Each and every family is spectacularly unique and one-of-a-kind. Therefore, every family session will be different and exciting! 

Family sessions take place at a mutually agreed upon outdoor location and are relaxed and enjoyable. Pick a favorite park nearby to run around, bring some bread and we will head to the duck pond or lets take a trip to the beach to build sandcastles. The beauty in your portraits will be present with a candid and free-spirited approach to ensure genuine smiles and beautiful singularity of your family is reflected. 

In a little less than a year, you will have brought a precious new life into the world. Lets take the time to document this miraculous and beautiful period of time through a comfortable, creative and easy-going portrait session.

Maternity sessions take place in-home for a more intimate session or at a beautiful outdoor location to show off your wonderful bump. Catered to your specific desires, maternity sessions include solo mommy shots, couple shots, and/or whimsical and creative shots. 

*Special packages available to document the whole story - pregnancy to birth to the first year of your little ones life.

Love is a very special thing. Whether you have been together a few months or 20 years, every couple is different, unique and memorable. 

Catered to your specific desires, couple/engagement sessions take place at a mutually agreed upon location and take a creative approach to produce artistic, authentic and stunning portraits. 

CORPORATE:  Whether you are a yoga instructor, accountant, sales rep or barista, it is important to have a portrait that reflects your professional mantra. Corporate sessions are quick, painless and are held wherever suits your style best. Photos returned are fully edited and high-resolution.  

PERSONAL/HEADSHOTS: Personal portraits are for those interested in capturing the unique individual and self. Catered to your specific desires, personal portraits are held indoors or outdoors at a mutually agreed upon location. Personal sessions are more creative and entail discussions prior to the session to determine an artistic and photographic approach that will fit your style best. 

Throwing together an event such as a birthday party, bridal shower, anniversary party or baby shower is time consuming enough. Molly Stark Photography offers affordable event photography services to ensure you and your guests will be able to remember the event forever in stunning photos. 

Receive approximately 60-80+ photos per hour of service. Photos will be lightly touched up with basic editing techniques and returned via CD.